Giovanna Capozza

Mind-Body Therapy Coach, Speaker, and Author of Love Well, A Journey from Lovesickness & Codependency to Healthy Love (coming soon)

Stop Recycling the Same Relationship Drama & Disappointments. It's time to heal the past, dissolve the old patterns, and finally find the love you deserve. Radically shift your relationship to self and others and get back in the driver's seat of your own life outcomes. 

About Giovanna

Mind-Body Therapy, Relationship & Life Coaching, Speaking & Workshops

Giovanna works with individuals seeking clarity on their path to purposeful lives and relationships, which often involves overcoming emotional blocks and healing the past patterns which unconsciously get recycled with each subsequent relationship. With more than twelve years of leadership and coaching experience, Giovanna is a sought-after seminar and workshop coordinator and host across North America.

Giovanna’s work focus relies heavily on the discovery of self-love as the critical component of each person's right to live a life that is expansive, adventurous, and uniquely their own. She is a strong advocate of mental health wellness, a Mind-Body Therapy Coach, Speaker, avid writer/blogger, and the former host of the She Rises podcast.

Trained as both an alternative medicine doctor, Homeopath, holistic nutritionist, bioenergetic medicine practitioner, and spiritual teacher, Giovanna is a self-professed “nerdy spiritual girl” and committed life-long learner. 

In early 2020 Giovanna co-founded Blue Hive Health, Canada's first digital mind-body wellness center, and a new podcast, Blue Hive Healthcast.

An experienced and adventurous traveler, Giovanna has lived on 3 continents and is a student of the world. Watch this space for the release of her debut memoir Love Well, A Journey from Lovesickness and Co-dependence to Healthy Love available November 2021


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