Giovanna Capozza

Mind-Body Therapeutic Coach,
Speaker and Author

The body is the place where we metabolize our feelings. It is the gateway to healing trauma, anxiety, attachment issues and so much more. What we experience in the mind, we hold in the body. It's my passion and purpose to help educate, inspire, and empower you to live your fullest life by releasing all that which weighs you down. Empowering you to radically shift your relationship to self and others puts you back in the driver's seat of your own life outcomes. 

Areas of Expertise

Mind-Body Therapy (certifying), Relationship & Life Coaching, Speaking & Workshops
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Giovanna Capozza is a wellness advocate, Mind-Body Therapy Coach, self-mastery mentor, and women’s empowerment speaker. She is also an avid writer/blogger, and host of the She Rises podcast.

Giovanna works with individuals seeking clarity on their path to purposeful lives and relationships, which often involves overcoming emotional blocks. With more than twelve years of leadership and coaching experience, Giovanna is a sought-after seminar and workshop coordinator and host across North America.

Giovanna’s work focus relies heavily on the discovery of self-love as the critical component of each woman’s right to live a life that is expansive, adventurous, and uniquely her own. Her motto, “when sleeping women wake, mountains move” exemplifies her philosophy that individuals are limitless repositories of energy waiting to be directed. 

Trained as both an alternative medicine doctor, holistic nutritionist, bioenergetic medicine practitioner, and spiritual teacher, Giovanna is a self-professed “nerdy spiritual girl” and committed life-long learner. She considers herself a modern-day medicine woman blending science with ‘practical magic’ in her work and life.

Giovanna’s insatiable curiosity has drawn her to study with Dr. John Demartini, Joe Dispenza, Stephen Porges, Deb Dana, and Byron Katie. She is a student of A Course in Miracles and the work of Barbara Brennan and Caroline Myss.

In 2018 Giovanna co-hosted the Thirsty Soul Women’s Retreat, co-lead two live intensives with Master Coach Rich Litvin and gave inspiring performances at noteworthy public speaking events including Speaker Slam in April 2018 and One Red Lipstick. 

An experienced and adventurous traveler, Giovanna is a student of the world. 


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