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Heal Your Messy Relationship Cycles

MindBody Therapy is a holistic approach to healing the psychological, spiritual, and physical.  It encompasses a wide range of methodologies – from holistic, humanistic, and somatic psychology to contemplative and eastern healing practices. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes can affect our biological functioning.  Just as what we eat, our posture, the way we move, even our relationships with other people and the environment can impact our mental state.  This is to say that every aspect of our life is in connection with one another. The intention of MindBody Therapy is to support the processes of healing and transformation while working with every aspect of an individual- psychologically, psychically, spiritually, energetically, socially, and environmentally. In MindBody Therapy a practitioner recognizes the interwoven connection between these aspects of an individual and works in an integrative capacity to enhance vitality and well-being. 

Relationship Coaching

I was a career-driven woman who seemed to have it all going on but secretly felt like a total fraud and failure..


I’ve driven myself to burnout trying to prove to myself and others that I was valuable, worthy, and smart enough. In the end, I paid the price quite literally, having to start from scratch financially and in business multiple times.

All the while I harbored another dirty little secret… no matter how successful I appeared on the outside, I just couldn’t get my relationships right.

I failed time and time again, choosing the wrong men and not able to understand why a fulfilling relationship kept alluding me. I say this was a secret because I was too ashamed to admit that I might be the problem.

I thought that it would be proof of being unlovable, so I tried harder and harder in my career and other external successes, all to avoid the pain of not having the relationship I craved.

Now, I help men and women heal from the ghosts of relationships past, stop repeating negative and toxic patterns and finally find the love that they deserve.

Speaking & Workshops

A dynamic, funny speaker, women's wellness advocate, author, and coach.


If you want a powerful speaker and motivator to keynote your conference, inspire up your audience (delegates or team), propel them to greatness, help them to overcome their lovesickness, and claim their health and happiness as the LEADERS that they are, then I’m ready.

Watch my award-winning speech below.


Josephine Auciello Event Creator,
Moderator & Coach

“It was an honor to have Giovanna Capozza as one of our speakers at The Gracefully Fierce- Woman’s Day of Empowerment event for Dynamo Entrepreneur in 2015. Giovanna has the rare ability to hold space for a large number of people while at the same time giving each woman an individual experience as if she were the only one in the room, as though she were having a conversation with Giovanna. She is a powerful speaker and female leader.”

Susan Baker, Holistic Nutritionist, North Toronto Healthy Living Events

Giovanna is a fantastic blend of holistic wisdom and ‘modern-day’ practicality! She presents insight and information that is relatable, empowering, and actionable. Listening to her at the front of a room feels just the same as having a 1:1 conversation with her; she is down-to-earth, accessible, and real. I love hearing her speak!

Heal Your Relationship History

Each of us has experienced varying degrees of trauma, much of which occurred relationally, that is within the container of a relationship. It may have been with our family of origin, or later in life in romantic relationships or even in friendships. Each of these dynamics tells us a little bit about or Attachment Style or relationship style. These 'styles' later bleed into all of our other relationships and interactions very unconsciously, until it feels like we're never going to be happy in relationships and we just can't quite figure out why? 

Whether you're experiencing emotional stuckness or physical stuckness, mind-body therapy and coaching can help you unlock these stuck places without having to re-live the trauma or go through extensive talk therapy. Rather, each session is focused on moving you forward, feeling your body, and getting you reacquainted with it. We focus on releasing trauma gently, and helping you understand your attachment style, how to work with it, and other developmental beliefs about love and yourself. Finally teaching you how to enjoy successful and meaningful relationships.