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Inner Child Mini-Course

Do you want to know how to improve your

LIFE, LOVE & MONEY and connect to your PURPOSE by placing your focus on the little you!?

Inner Child work is some of the most powerful healing work that you can do and it's simple… but not easy. Our belief systems and the unconscious ways we sabotage our relationships and life can all be traced back to the ages of 0-7 yrs old... and this little one needs your attention.


This little wounded version of you will run your life without you even knowing

unless you commit to her fully.

Sure, this healing can be done on your own, but in my experience, it is so much more impactful and life-changing when you can be guided and have support… AND when you commit to carving out the space and time and stay accountable.

I wanted to create a safe and nurturing container where you can get this support for a full 30 days, so you can focus on reconnecting and journeying with your inner little you and reclaim the areas of your life that are simply not working!

This small curated group of women is ready to bring attention and healing

to their inner child will gather together.

(This means if we haven't spoken, you need to book a call before paying) 

During this program, we’ll bring our singular and collective attention to the wounds of our inner child with the intention of liberating trapped emotions, energy, and unconscious negative patterns in our lives. I will also provide coaching and guidance for those on the call interested in diving a little deeper.



Program Details:
- Runs for 4 weeks - 30 days of support

- 4 Live Zoom Coaching Calls
- Guided Meditations and Healings
- Inspired homework to take your healing further
- FB Group to ask questions and get support in between sessions

This is the first time I'm taking this piece of the very powerful work I do as part of a collective privately with clients and in my larger group program and offering it in this way.

I wanted to provide an accessible option for more people to experience the power of change that can occur in your life when you are brave enough to befriend your little girl.

I'm offering this program for $444USD for a limited time.


*IMPORTANT* You will be directed to my link to send funds, please be sure to check currency and change to USD. All course fees are non-refundable, with no exceptions.

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