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Welcome to Inner Child Healing

I'm so glad you decided to take this journey with me.

Make sure you watch all the way to the end!

About Giovanna

Founder of Love Well Coaching and the Love Well Method, Author, and recovering love addict, Giovanna Capozza’s journey from lovesick to Love Well is a journey so many of us can relate with. Part spiritual Seeker. Part solo travel enthusiast. Part geeked out self-improvement and science junkie. Giovanna found comfort in exploring the globe on the search for herself. A lifetime of searching for “the one” only led her to discover that finding him would mean finding herself… first.

A certified Coach and Mind-Body Therapy Facilitator, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Homeopath, Yoga Teacher, and Energy Healer, Giovanna coaches women everywhere to heal everything that blocks love in their life, love themselves and the journey; not just the destination!

Giovanna bought her first relationship self-help book at age 19, still loves a good rom-com, and believes that happy endings aren’t found but made.

An experienced and adventurous traveler, Giovanna has lived on 3 continents and is a student of the world. Grab her new book in stores everywhere now!

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