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Happy New Era – How Can It Get Better Than This?

Today is day one of the new Mayan Calendar, the new Baktun (cycle of 26,000 years), so in a way it’s New Years Day as well as our Christmas Day.  To the Maya this is the dawn of a new era.  An era of increased connectivity to Mother Earth and each other. It is an era of increased spiritual and personal development.  I had the honour of attending a special ceremony with Maya elders on December 21st.  The focus was on our reconnection to Mother Earth, so that we can give more of ourselves to our community.

What can we do this year to increase our self awareness and reconnect to ourselves so we can give more to others?  For me this time away has been about answering that exact question.  Although my journey has been very personal it is and continues to be from a continued desire to fulfill my motto: EDUCATE, INSPIRE & EMPOWER.  I look forward to sharing my journey’s lessons with you in upcoming workshops in 2013.

Our New Years Day is fast approaching and this is the time of year that everyone makes their New Years resolutions.  Usually these are about personal health and well-being or making some big changes to our lives.  We make these promises to ourselves wholeheartedly and we vow to stay true to them. That is, at least, until February when many of us in North America get the winter blahs and fall off the wagon.

So, what’s the secret to keeping your resolutions? It is adding fun, joy and releasing the “obligation” from them!  Anytime you tell yourself that you “have” to do something or you “should” do something you are doomed to fail.  This is because you will naturally rebel against this obligation. It’s no fun being forced to do anything and we all know that.  It’s a natural human reaction to fight against this “force”.  So what should we do instead?  CHOOSE!  When you choose to do something it changes the energy around it completely.  Try this for example, speak one of your resolutions out loud using the words “I should” or “I have to” or “I resolve to.” How does that feel? Check in with your body.  Register that emotion for a minute, and really feel it.  Now, speak your INTENTION this time out loud using the words “I choose.” Now register that feeling in your body.  Feels different right? Does it feel lighter?

What happens when you fall off the wagon, so to speak, with your resolutions this year?  Well, the worst thing you can do is berate yourself, feel guilty or judge yourself for it in any way.  Whenever we do this we take all the potential energy and possibilities out of the equation.  Instead OPEN up to possibilities and ask yourself questions.  Sounds funny or weird right?  Try it. Ask yourself these questions about anything you’re stuck about or coming to some sort of judgement about. Okay, ready?

Okay here they are: “How can it get better than this?” and “What else is possible” Ahhhh even typing them feels good!  Whenever we come to a judgement or a “conclusion” about any situation in our lives we block all the potential of that moment or situation.  It’s like telling the universe you know better and holding up a big STOP sign. How can any other possibility unfold when we’ve already decided that a situation is “good”, “bad” or “wrong”?

So, when you fall off your New Years resolution wagon, and you will, don’t judge yourself or quit.  Remind yourself that you are CHOOSING something better for your life and self. Ask the universe WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE here and HOW DOES IT GET BETTER THAN THIS!

These questions are from a great technique that I use called Access Consciousness and they have helped so many of my clients get unstuck…including me!

Happy Holidays and the Happiest of NEW YEARS to you all, be you Maya or otherwise!

As a side note, my trip has been delayed and I will be returning to Toronto at the end of January.  I look forward to resuming my practice at New Directions in Health and at my downtown location.  If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email me directly.



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