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Listen, Trust, Choose… Change

On Thursday I arrived in Mexico again. This time for what I hope is a more permanent move and a new life.  The day I arrived it was as if I had never left. It felt just like home and there was a familiarity about it.  Although, I felt a familiar hint in the air that I was also extremely aware of. It was the awareness that I was here for a different reason this time around.

What had led me here last time was a quest to reconnect with myself and rejoin the “flow” of life and to heal from a painful breakup and a death.  This time I wasn’t running from anything or to anyone. I was CHOOSING a new life.  In the four months I had been back in Canada I had examined all my old beliefs and let go of my past one event and one person at a time.  It was not an easy task and at times it was very painful, but it was as if I had no choice in the matter.  The universe was presenting each situation and each circumstance and person to me one by one as if to say “okay, next!”.  I soon noticed the trend and became the willing participant and observer of what was happening.  I knew I was being prepared for the greatest adventure of my life yet!

So, I arrived here in Playa del Carmen fully aware that this time was different.  That this time I was creating a life I wanted and not just existing in one that was not of my “choosing.”  Compared to one that I had outgrown a long time ago.  From the moment I was at the airport in Toronto I realized that everything was about to change and this was the final step in letting go.  It got me thinking. Why do we resist change so much?  We know that is inevitable, and that all things change, but why is it so hard to step into the new?  What I have found since my last trip out here is that the fundamental issue with accepting change is TRUST.  When we don’t trust that everything is happening as it should then we try and control our situations and the people in our lives.  When we don’t trust, our inspirations and messages from our higher knowing get ignored of “justified” and we miss opportunities to be guided by something larger than ourselves and more intelligent than our own mind.

As I sit here in my new office, a beautiful outdoor cafe with free WIFI, I am aware that in order for me to get everything that I need from this new life is to allow for it to unfold for me and to listen to the guidance that led me here.  I know that all the perfect people, places events and things that I need to take me along this journey will be presented to me and all I have to do is choose. Choose to trust, choose to BE and choose to listen.  When you can learn to do this in your everyday then letting go is not as hard and you realize and that not only is it inevitable… it’s essential!


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