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The Hidden Secrets Behind Your Weight

As women we have all looked in the mirror at some point in our lives and hated something.  The struggle with weight has become big business and there is so much conflicting information out there with diet trends, ideas and different fads that it’s impossible for someone to keep up with let alone figure out what works for them.  The weight loss industry as also kept us distracted from the truth.  Don’t get me wrong, as a Nutritionist I definitely acknowledge the importance of a clean diet and eating right for your body’s individual needs.  As well, the importance of the physiological balance of hormones and the biology that can contribute to stubborn weight in women.  However, beyond all this and at the deepest level the fact is that behind every weight or body image issue is an underlying “need” or “hunger” that must be addressed.  It’s not enough to follow a diet plan or take the next new weight loss supplement as I’ve seen and prescribed over and over again in my practice.  We need to “feed” that very hunger and fill the void that is causing us to turn to food as comfort and medicine with something else.  But first we need to find out what is blocking us before we can transform it.

I’ve developed four thought provoking questions called “the noticing” that will help you to start to break down the REAL reasons behind your inability to lose weight.

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This process of the noticing is just the first step in my brand NEW course: The Not-So Hidden Secret To Weight Loss that I am about to launch.

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