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Transcendent Love

Happy New Year to you! I have celebrated a little early here in the Southern Hemisphere.

I wanted to share my New Years meditation and experience in hopes that it might bless you and your loved ones in some way.

This morning I woke up very early, at 4:30am to be precise and as I lay in bed looking back at the last year and the last few months and even the night before I felt a calling to walk to sea… and so I did.

As I walked I felt both a sense of bewilderment (maybe the jet lag having just arrived back in Australia from Canada), but also a sense of letting go, grieving, relief and then a miracle occurred.  Choosing this new home has come with both excitement and fear and a letting go of sorts.

In A Course in Miracles (ACIM) a miracle is defined as the moment when we shift from fear to love. The moment, the holy instant as it’s called, when we remember we are not separate from anyone or anything and most importantly from God.

When I arrived at the beach I decided to allow this releasing to wash over me, rather than walk I sat on a bench and looked into the sea. I allowed this past year to wash over me, the lessons, all the stresses, fears, good moments and all. As I sat there I could only feel love and gratitude. In that moment everything was perfect, healed and whole. I was perfect, healed and whole.

After sometime I began to walk and as I walked a word came to me almost as if out of the ether… a whisper even. Transcendence He whispered. I didn’t make any effort to understand or question but as I continued to walk this word became alive and started to speak to me. Transcendence is the movement from one state to another, going beyond ordinary limits, the shift from this physical reality with all it’s limitations and fears to one of grace, of love, of divinity and connection to what is truly “real”. As this word and it’s meaning continued to dance in my mind, images started to form. I was brought to the term “transcendent love”, a love that goes beyond the limitations of this world, a love that is sacred, whole and complete, a love that knows no fear or past wounding, a love that is pure. What came to me is that it is our mission here to return to such a state and to do it together.


To have a transcendent love or relationship does not mean that we know no struggle, it does not mean that our fears and wounding won’t show up. What is means is that we both commit to returning to love. When the fear shows up, which it will, when we are triggered which we will be, that we always return to a blameless state where we see each other as perfect and whole. No fixing needed, no changes need be forced, just returning to this state of transcendent love where we connect to what is real and true, where we connect back to love. A state where we are each blameless, since we are all connected this act of forgiveness and awareness not only heals you, but it also heals your partner and the world.

I recently was introduced to the book by Dr. Joe Vitale called Zero Limits – The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace and more. In this book he teaches about the ancient healing Hawaiian art of ho’oponopono. The principle behind this is the taking of full and complete responsibility for your life, your feelings, and reactions. Everything you see in another you see because it is in you. For as long as we blame or keep pointing fingers we lose the opportunity to grow and return to love, we lose the opportunity to transcend beyond what is limiting us in this time and space to something more holy and sacred. Ho’oponopono literally means, “to make right or rectify” and its practice is comprised of this teaching and a prayer that we use to “clean” our mistaken way of thinking. It is an understanding that we are connected, that we cannot see in another what we don’t already posses in ourselves, and that by releasing this to Divinity or God that we acknowledge that it was only our wrong thinking that created the “problem” to begin with, the principle of forgiveness also taught in ACIM. Of course there is more to this and I highly encourage you to purchase the book or email me with any questions, as it can be a complex teaching to wrap your head around. In fact I received this lesson 20 years ago and it is only now solidifying for me in this new stage of my life.

The prayer is simple: I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.

“I’m sorry”

“Please forgive me”

(Both of which you say to yourself for having been caught up in the illusion of blame, separation and wrong thinking, and to the source of your finger pointing. Acknowledging blamelessness and taking full responsibility)

“I love you”

By saying I love you to Divinity or God you are inviting him in to take over, to take this wrong thinking, to transcend it back to a place of love. “Whatever you give unreservedly to God, He will take. Whatever God takes, He will cleanse. What He cleans, He fills and what He fills, He will always use. And remember the person He fills He will use.” (from the book Thoughts from Maui: A Little Book of Poems, Prayers, and Devotions By Thomas Figueira) In this act we not only heal but we heal others as well.

“Thank you”

Thank you for the lesson, thank you for transforming this, and thank you for loving me.

Try this out next time you are triggered by your partner. Try seeing where what you are accusing them of is actually in you as well and try using ho’oponopono, it won’t be easy at first, especially if this concept is new to you but see what happens when you can return to a state of forgiveness and love.

For more information about ho’oponopono or anything else written in this article please feel free to leave a comment below or email me directly.

Happy New Year to you all… I wish you love and peace in all your life and relationships.

God Bless,


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