What They Said...

Before working with Giovanna I had given up ever being in a loving relationship where I had room to grow. I had a talent to find the only narcissist in a roomful of women to fall in love with. And I did that over and over again. If I matched up with a women who genuinely cared I quickly got bored.

Giovanna taught me to think about what a supportive sexual relationship would feel like to me and to look for that feeling in my next relationship.

I found my girlfriend after several months of working with Giovanna. She was someone I knew already but had not seen as a potential partner until I started working with Giovanna.

She is loving, sexy, funny, and completely present… not broken or in need of fixing.

Thanks to Giovanna I learned how to recognize her loveliness and cherish it rather than run away to chase the next bright shiny object.

It sounds so simple but engaging a coach is an act of self-love and you need to love yourself at least a bit to find love….thank you from the depth of my heart.


Philippa R. OBGYN, Surgeon

I have been able to experience Giovanna from a variety of places, in her talks, group coaching, and one on one coaching.  She is an incredible woman, coach, speaker. I love being in her presence, it is calming, peaceful, powerful, and she radiates with every word.


Giovanna is a very powerful and strong coach. She is able to quickly tap into what is going on with people, and help them to see in themselves areas they want to have a different experience of life.  She is a strong leader of her own life, and vulnerable in sharing herself and her struggles in helpful ways. I always feel grateful to be spending time with her, and come away with new insights, clarity, and a vision I am connected to.

What Giovanna does, who she is, and what she brings to the world shines brightly all around her as she impacts me and everyone whose lives she touches. I see the waterfall effect in people I coach and lead as I take her spirit and what she has brought to me forward into the world as well.

is an extraordinary person, and in being with her you will feel energy shifts in yourself that can improve your life in every experience.

Thank you, Giovanna, for being you, and bringing your brilliance, genius, and awesomeness to me and the world.

Kathy Murphy – Consultant & Master Coach

Giovanna, thank you so much for turning my life around! You’ve guided me through a very hard time. My weekdays started with resentful feelings towards work. That feeling seeped through to my weekends and social life. The frightening part was that I thought of that cycle as the norm. Since we started working together, I’ve gained a vast appreciation for myself and much-needed courage to take a step towards a major change.


More importantly, Giovanna explained the connection between exercises we were doing and how they will help me directly.

Four months ago I would have dismissed even the idea of change being available to me. Now I can say with confidence that I absolutely love what I do, and enjoy every day, rain or shine. No one should deprive themselves of this wonderful state of happiness.

— Yana S.

Since working with Giovanna I have changed how I interact with people; I am much more comfortable being myself with clients.

I am taking better care of myself mentally and emotionally. I am much kinder to myself; I understand that this is a process, I’ll get there and I am exactly where I should be in this moment. I have overcome my fear and self-doubt.

— Amy H.


She brings an amazing combination of intuition, spirituality, knowledge, and humor to sessions, and creates a safe and supportive space to encourage growth.

My experience is that Giovanna is able to instantaneously interpret and recognize what is presented so that all falsities are cleared away to allow simple truths to shine through.

It is clear that her work comes from a place of sincere passion, authenticity, and dedication to humanity.

I went into our intensive wanting direction in my career but came out realizing that I really needed to change my relationship with money. That was an eye-opener. I had no idea how much I was letting it control my life, and Giovanna gave me the tools to re-program my way of thinking to enable me to cultivate and catalyze my goals, instead of blocking them.

Within two months of meeting Giovanna, I bought my first house–a lifelong dream that I never would have imagined could happen so soon. I truly learned the meaning of getting back what you put out into the universe and reignited the ability to believe in getting what you want.

— Andrea P