Love Well

Confessions of a Lovesick Woman

The time between the discovery of the first symptom and diagnosis can be a long one for sufferers of chronic disease, and this was certainly the case for Giovanna and lovesickness.

Always a seeker, fuelled by her desire for disruption, the root cause of her insatiable desire for travel, and for the next adventurous relationship, was love, but ironically, she was driven by the doubt that she was lovable at all.

Decades of shame and self-loathing around issues with weight, compounded by heartbreaks and disappointments at the end of toxic relationships and painful endings, all to avoid settling and settling down, lead to many crises from which she might not have recovered. 

Epiphanies often are born in the dark, and for Giovanna, the realization that all she had done traveling the globe, seeking love from emotionally unavailable and dangerously manipulative men, was to find the grail–unconditional love, a deeply soothing connection upon which she places her highest personal value. 

Love Well is a seeker’s guide, a love addict’s companion, and a record of the endurance of spirit. Giovanna Capozza is a voice for women who don’t want to play small, read from the script and are willing to burn in the fire of their own self-exploration in order to come out gleaming.

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