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The Key to Healthy Relationships is Becoming a Healthy You!

Grab Your Free Video Training and Learn How to Heal Your Inner Child

Having amazing relationships starts with you!

Learning Changes Everything

Inner Child Healing is some of the most powerful and transformative work you can do for yourself and your relationships. These tried and true techniques for connecting with your inner child and beginning your healing have all been used with great success in my private practice.


Exercises & Tips to Begin Your Journey

This book contains all the best information and exercises to get you started on this journey of getting to develop a relationships with and heal your inner small self. 

*Disclaimer. Giovanna Capozza is not a licensed therapist and uses Mind-Body Therapy techniques and training in her coaching. If you have extensive childhood trauma it is strongly recommended that you seek the help of a professional trauma councilor or therapist to be supported with this work.


Let's Get Started

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