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It feels as though I came out of the womb ready for the stage, but it took me until my early 20s to really acknowledge and figure this out. This is when I "ran away and joined the circus." This is how I refer to my days being Julie McCoy on the Love Boat. No really, I was an Assistant Cruise Director for Princess Cruises for 2.5 years and it remains one of the best times in my life. 

On the open seas and on various stages I would hone my skills in speaking, improv, and presence. Turns out it came rather naturally. Since then I have formally studied both speaking and improv and I have embraced the stage as a second home.

I have spoken to and facilitated workshops for both large and small groups all over the world. My particular love is guiding smaller more intimate groups of women to finding their inner spark and returning to love from the inside (that's me with one such group in Bali above). Described as a dynamic, funny speaker, women's advocate, author, and coach, I try to have fun with each presentation and workshop - life is already too serious and this work can sometimes feel heavy. It is my intention to always bring out the joy and humor that I believe we can always find if we look hard enough.


Watch my award-winning speech.

What They Said...

Josephine Carmela

Women's Empowerment & Relationship Mentor

“It was an honor to have Giovanna Capozza as one of our speakers at The Gracefully Fierce- Woman’s Day of Empowerment event for Dynamo Entrepreneur in 2015. Giovanna has the rare ability to hold space for a large number of people while at the same time giving each woman an individual experience as if she were the only one in the room, as though she were having a conversation with Giovanna. She is a powerful speaker and female leader.”

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Susan Baker

Holistic Nutritionist, North Toronto Healthy Living Events

Giovanna is a fantastic blend of holistic wisdom and ‘modern-day’ practicality! She presents insight and information that is relatable, empowering, and actionable. Listening to her at the front of a room feels just the same as having a 1:1 conversation with her; she is down-to-earth, accessible, and real. I love hearing her speak!


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