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Single & Successful?

No one ever wants to talk about what it’s really like being single and successful. Everyone sees you having your you-know-what together they just can’t fathom what could be wrong with you that you’re still single. Worst of all you’re the focus at all the family gatherings and weddings, you can just feel those eyes on you, etching in those dreaded words… “so, when do you think you’ll be getting married?”  As if this is the entire point of your existence right?

The problem is, underneath that tough got - your - shit - together exterior is a little girl who is wondering why nobody loves her and why she hasn’t been chosen yet.


This time you won’t push them away when they want to get close just because they don’t fit your script or vision board vision of WHO they should be.

This time you won't keep overworking and moving mountains in your professional life all while deeply yearning to be seen, held and adored by the right person.


I know this pain intimately.

I bounced from toxic relationship to toxic relationship before I had the courage to face that I was addicted to the illusion of romantic love saving me from my loneliness and deep inner pain... then I learned to rescue myself, and everything changed.

You're worth so much more than what you've been settling for and best of all, the power to change it all is in you!

Let's work on this together...

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Philippa R. M.D, OBGYN

Before working with Giovanna I had given up ever being in a loving relationship where I had room to grow. I had a talent to find the only narcissist in a roomful of women to fall in love with. And I did that over and over again. If I matched up with a women who genuinely cared I quickly got bored.


Kathy M. Consultant

Giovanna is a very powerful and strong coach. She is able to quickly tap into what is going on with people, and help them to see in themselves areas where they want to have a different experience of their life. I always feel grateful to be spending time with her, and come away with new insights, clarity, and a vision I am connected to creating.


Jillian K. Agrologist

She brings an amazing combination of intuition, spirituality, knowledge, and humor to sessions, and creates a safe and supportive space to encourage growth.

It is clear that her work comes from a place of sincere passion, authenticity, and dedication to humanity.

Couple in Love


A group program for women who are ready to bust through all the blocks that prevent them from having and keeping the love they crave.

This is the very system used by not only myself but all of my private clients to create a greater connection with themselves, and ultimately with another.



There are three main relationships in your blueprint that need your attention; Self, Source, and Other.

In every woman there lays a little girl inside. She can only relate well to others depending on her degree of wholeness and health. Inner child work is the most sacred work you can commit to. This program will help you fortify and develop a rock-solid relationship blueprint that will help you find the keep the love you want.

Heal your attachment styles and past relationship trauma and rediscover your connection to your own soul and Spirit and finally have the love the crave.

So What's Included:

  • 12 Weeks of Training, Homework & Transformation

  • 2 - 2hr group coaching calls per week for 12 weeks on Tuesdays & Thursdays = 24hr of coaching!

  • 2 Private Sessions with Giovanna

  • Private Members Group

By Application Only

WARNING: I’m NOT like other love & relationship coaches, I only work with those who are willing to take responsibility for the life they’ve created.

This means no whiners.

No victims.

No people who are always looking to blame someone else for the problems in their life.

No people who are looking for a therapy session only and won’t take action.

I’m looking to help those who are done feeling like powerhouses in all these other areas of their lives but stuck in the space where it matters the most, finding that amazing life partner without losing themselves in the process!


If this sounds like you, let’s jump on a call and get clear about what’s holding you back from finding this amazing partner. And see if I can help (or not), no presh!

If I can’t help, no harm, no foul. Just a friendly conversation, not some scammy high-pressure sales call.


Your lover is waiting for you.