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Stop Settling for Crappy Love

I know this pain all too well. I, like so many women, have settled for breadcrumbs of love and affection in relationships with the wrong men. I stayed in relationships way past their expiration dates feeling unsatisfied and more alone than I ever did single.

What drove this for me and likely for you too? The fear of being alone or worse, having to face and feel the deep loneliness or fear that you're unloveable in your heart. You yearn to have that one person whom you can share yourself, your life and know intimately.

Stop starving yourself to get the love you crave.
It's time you learn to consciously pause, nourish yourself and return to love from within.

My Story?

I bounced from toxic relationship to toxic relationship before I had the courage to face that I was addicted to the illusion of romantic love saving me from my loneliness and deep inner pain... then I learned to rescue myself, and everything changed.

You're worth so much more than what you've been settling for and best of all, the power to change it all is in you!

Let's work on this together...

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Philippa R. - M.D, OBGYN

Before working with Giovanna I had given up ever being in a loving relationship where I had room to grow. I had a talent to find the only narcissist in a roomful of women to fall in love with. And I did that over and over again. If I matched up with a women who genuinely cared I quickly got bored. Giovanna taught me to think about what a supportive sexual relationship would feel like to me and to look for that feeling in my next relationship. I found my girlfriend after several months of working with Giovanna. She was someone I knew already but had not seen as a potential partner until I started working with Giovanna.

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Amy B - Google

Working with Giovanna is the ultimate form of Self-care!


Giovanna has helped me balance out my masculine and feminine energy. This translates into feeling calmer and more confident when it comes to dating. But it also flows into other areas of my life, which translates into knowing when to lean back and when to intentionally engage. Without losing myself in the process, because it actually allows me to be my authentic self in every situation. 


Her ways with words and knowing exactly when to say what has made me have huge AHA moments throughout our first three months together. I can't wait to continue working with her and see where we go next!


Cannot recommend working with Giovanna enough!!


Jillian K. - PAg

She brings an amazing combination of intuition, spirituality, knowledge, and humor to sessions, and creates a safe and supportive space to encourage growth.

I feel like I've grown and learned so much.  I've realized that prior to now, I had zero knowledge about discerning between a boy and a man.  Reflecting on it now, I've only ever dated boys.  And I've uncovered some of the psychology around that relating to the relationship I had with my dad - subconsciously, I was attempting to recreate that dynamic in my romantic relationships to finally feel worthy, worthwhile and loved. 

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The Love Well MethodTM

There are three main relationships in your blueprint that need your attention; Self, Source, and Other.

Self Involves working on the little girl inside. Your inner child can only relate well to others depending on her degree of wholeness and health. Inner child work is the most sacred work you can commit to. Source involves understanding who you are at your Source, it is also the spiritual work and development that nourishes your soul so you're not looking outside yourself anymore for this true love. Other, is obvious - we cannot seek to enjoy a healthy relationship to another if these two primary ones are not whole.


This program will help you fortify and develop a rock-solid relationship blueprint that will help you find the keep the love you want.

Couple in Love


A group program for women who are ready to bust through all the blocks that prevent them from having and keeping the love they crave. 

Heal your attachment styles and past relationship trauma and rediscover your connection to your own Soul and Spirit and finally have the love you crave.

This is the very system used by not only myself but all of my private clients to create a greater connection with themselves, and ultimately with another.

So What's Included:

  • 12 Weeks of Live Training, Homework Modules, Transformation, and Support

  • 12 group coaching calls - 1 2hr call per week

  • 1 Private On-Boarding Session with Giovanna

  • Private Members Group

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  • Transform your relationship blueprint to attract a high-quality partner

  • Learn to recognize and act on red flags faster

  • Gain emotional freedom from triggers

  • Learn to listen to & trust your intuition

  • Step into a rock-solid loving relationship with yourself

  • Rewire your understanding of healthy relationships with men.

  • Learn what the masculine and feminine dynamic is and why it's so important

  • Know and feel your loveability deeply and without doubt

  • Embrace your vulnerability and the power of surrender

  • Heal your attachment style

  • Learn to fall in love with your life truly

  • Connect to your Soul and Spirit

  • Learn to set boundaries and heal the root of codependency

  • Experience a loving & supportive community of women

By the end of the program, you will...

Sheer Black Top

By Application Only

WARNING: I’m NOT like other love & relationship coaches, I only work with those who are willing to take responsibility for the life they’ve created.

This means no whiners.

No victims.

And No one looking for a QUICK FIX!

This program is not for people who are always looking to blame someone else for the problems in their life.

Not for people who are looking for a therapy session only and won’t take action.

I’m looking to help those who are done feeling like powerhouses in all other areas of their lives but stuck in the space where it matters the most, finding that amazing life partner without losing themselves in the process!


If this sounds like you, let’s jump on a call and get clear about what’s holding you back from finding this amazing partner. And see if I can help (or not), no presh and no sleazy sales tactics!

If I can’t help, no harm, no foul. Just a friendly conversation, not some scammy high-pressure sales call.


You are the lover you've been waiting for!

Relaxed Woman

This Program is Right for you if:

  • You find yourself unable to stay single bouncing from relationship to relationship

  • You are always single or dating someone is always short-lived

  • You keep attracting the same kind of partner over and over again

  • You've read all the books and done all the workshops and training you can get your hands on and nothing seems to change.

  • You keep a regular booty call list of men, or maybe just that one - you know he's not the one but he fills the void.

  • You keep trying to convince yourself you’re happy being single but deep down you're far from it

  • You’re holding onto a relationship that you know isn’t working or toxic just because it's better than being alone or the fear you can't find better

  • The thought of being alone or single for a long period of time actually scares the crap out of you.

  • You have lost yourself in a long-term relationship and you don't know how to move or find yourself again.

Who's It For?
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