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How Yoga Teacher Training Can Change Your Life

It’s not often we go into something without expectations, but from experience I have learned that when this happens we are usually more than pleasantly surprised with the results!

I first inquired about Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico about a year ago.  I was back in Toronto on a cool autumn day in a relationship with myself and with a man than was less than fulfilling, and going downhill fast.  It was something I had wanted to do for a long time and cutting a long story short, a series of events lead me to not only finally complete my training this year but also to make Mexico my permanent home.  My move happened rapidly, my yoga teacher training took a little longer however.  After umming and ahhhing for almost a year I finally did it!

Now having completed the training in what feels like a full circle moment in my life I want to share how life altering it can be to submerge yourself in an intensive course of study for an entire month, 6 days a week (7 really with homework), and 6 hours a day.  When you are able to give yourself this gift of complete focus on you with no external distractions it can really highlight areas in your life that need a little shaking up!

For me the training gave me a structure and focus that was seemingly about becoming a yoga teacher, but in reality had everything to do with my own personal yoga.  Yoga means unity and as Erich Schiffman describes it in his book Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness, yoga cultivates self-trust, “… what you are really learning is that self trust is the most intimate way of expressing your trust in God and the universe.”  Schiffman describes the three dimensions of self realization that lay within yoga; the physical movement part, meditation and communion and finally experiencing the truth of who you are.  In teacher training you have the opportunity to explore each of these very personally.

The process was definitely more than physical.  Right from the start I could feel I was immersing myself in a transformative process although I had no idea what lay in store for me.  As a result of shifting and raising my vibration or energy, life asked me to reevaluate long standing beliefs and patterns I had in my relationships with others.  Your energy or vibration raises when you do an intense and concentrated course of self study because you’re able to step away temporarily from external distractions, duties and responsibilities and focus on you and you alone.  Challenges arising in both body and mind actual propel you forward in areas of your life that may have been stuck before.

Some parts of the training are like learning a whole new language, I mean literally, Sanskrit challenges your memory and tongue but you can definitely navigate your way through with a giggle or two.  Next is the language of Anatomy which for some can be daunting, but really understanding the way the body moves and the complexities involved help increase your body awareness.  For some the spiritual aspect of Yoga is new to them, this I feel is a testament to how trendy yoga has become in the West, but nonetheless and at it’s roots Yoga remains a spiritual practice.  It’s purpose according to Schiffman is to bring your back to your true self.  The self that is free from judgements and criticism, the self that has a deep sense and inner knowing and trust of the process and purpose of your life.

Here are some question to ask when selecting a Yoga Teacher Training:

  1. Does it teach you the history and origins of yoga?

  2. Will you be learning Sanskrit?

  3. Will you be learning Anatomy both physical and spiritual?

  4. Will you be learning about yogic principles and how to teach these to your students?

  5. Will you be learning how to teach postures, sequences and classes?

  6. Is it being taught by an experienced, knowledgeable team?

  7. Will it give you the opportunity to grow your current practice?

  8. Will it help you grow your spiritual practice of yoga?

I’m am now proud to say I’m a yoga teacher and that my training fulfilled each of those eight questions and then some!  I have the honor to incorporate yoga teaching and yogic principles into my workshops and private sessions now and I’m looking forward to seeing where this next leg in my journey leads me!


**Giovanna Capozza is a Transformational Life & Wellness Coach & Yoga Teacher.  She is a catalyst of change, empowerment and inspiration for her clients.  Her own personal journey to self love has inspired her to help other women start loving themselves back to health and vitality and live a life of unlimited possibilities.  To contact Giovanna personally or find out more about her services, you can email her directly @

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