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When Endings Appear

A client called me this morning totally shocked and distraught. A project proposal she thought she had in the bag, that would have meant a huge opportunity for her and her business fell through. Her mind was spinning; what had she done wrong? What could she have said different? Maybe she quoted them too high? And the inquiring went on and on.. She was spinning and couldn’t seem to see the big picture. It’s tough when the rug gets pulled out from under you… especially when you think you’ve played all the right cards and done the right things.

Sometimes it seems that events completely out of control or desires happen and you’re left in shock and dismay. It can feel, in these times, that something is happening TO you, but I can assure you this… life is always happening FOR you. It won’t serve you to indulge thoughts like the ones my client was swimming in. It won’t serve you to become a victim of some circumstance out of your control. Instead, it would serve you to zoom out and see the divine order in what just happened. That injustice or loss may seem unfair and you may want to ‘correct’ it, make it better or fix it, and even then, I can assure you that everything is happening exactly as it should. Sure, it’s important to get the lesson and take responsibility for your piece, but this can only happen in time and when you’ve taken the time to calm your mind and heart.

Now, this doesn’t mean you don’t take action in life, it also doesn’t mean becoming a door mat. What it does mean is that you look for clues as to where you’re being redirected instead. Stuck or blocked is just code for ‘not this way’. When these events happen it can leave us feeling confused and muddled, but if we’re really honest with ourselves, it’s usually these people, places or things that are seemingly going away, that are not meant for us or not good for us any more. Often we’ve hung on way past the expiration date and the Universe is just helping you to clean house. Now is the time for surrender. Now is the time to move on and trust that you’re being guided to greener pastures. Trust life… trust yourself and above all, trust the process. For my client, when we broke out of the spin happening in her mind and she could zoom out and gain perspective, she realized that she had been worried the whole time that these might be nightmare clients. She had a gut feeling two proposals ago that this wasn’t for her but she ignored it. And finally she realized that getting a no from this client meant that she freed up time for a passion project, her family life and kids.

The Universe is always working on your behalf and it will step in if you’re ignoring the signs and make the corrections needed to get your on the right path. You can become a victim during this redirect, or you can choose to have it empower you and start off on a new path. The Universe really does have your back! Love. Giovanna

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