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Book a 60min Intuitive Healing Session

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Set Yourself Free

Not sure if you may be in need of support?

Thinking of a Longer Term Commitment to Healing?

A Love Insight Coaching Call is designed to give those who are considering a 3month or more package an experience of what it might be like to work together. On this call, we will dive deep into your problem and find a path forward that works best for you. It's completely obligation-free and there is no fee to you. By Application Only.

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Inner Child Mini-Course

It's time to bring attention to this little one. Carl Jung said, "until we make the unconscious conscious it will continue to run our lives and we will call it fate." Stop leaving your love life to fate! It's time to take action and bring some love to this hidden area that's running and ruining your relationships.


Buy the Book

Love Well: Confessions of a Lovesick Woman is available NOW wherever books are sold. Ask for your local book shop to get it in if they don't have it!

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Love Well - The Group Program

Stop Settling in Love

I know this pain all too well. I, like so many women, have settled for breadcrumbs of love and affection in relationships with the wrong men. I stayed in relationships way past their expiration dates feeling unsatisfied and more alone than I ever did single.

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Love Well The Podcast

Tired of the relationship and dating merry-go-round? If you've been craving better, deeper, and more fulfilling love then this is the podcast for you. We explore everything related to how to love well. We dive deep into relationship sciences like developmental psychology, attachment styles, love addiction, codependency, and more; to help you learn not only to love better but how to be loved well.


Guest Interviews

I am always honored when I'm asked to be a guest on someone's show. Click the image below to hear my latest guest spot with my latest fabulous host. Don't forget to follow podcasts you love on iTunes and leave a 'rate and review'


Free Facebook Community

Heal 💔 codependency and ☠️ attachment issues so you can learn to love well and be loved well. This group is for women who are ready to use their singleness to prepare for the relationship of their dreams, and for coupled women to get support on how to navigate their triggers and communication and self-care in a healthy dynamic.

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