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Guided Meditation: Your Feminine Power

How can you identify if you’re relating to other and operating more from your feminine energy than your masculine energy?

Have a look at this list and see what energy you predominantly live from:

surrender  vs.  aggression

abstract  vs.  concrete

intuitive  vs.  analytical

creative  vs.  logical

allowing  vs.  controlling

patience  vs.  impatience

receiving  vs.  giving

receptive  vs.  assertive

right brain  vs.  left brain

feeling  vs.  thinking

calm  vs.  busy

power  vs.  force

body  vs.  mind

Comparing yourself in this way might surprise you… the left side of the list is feminine energy and the right side is masculine energy.

Where are you living most of the time?

Watch this video for more information and for a guided meditation to get you back into your feminine essence and energy. Enjoy and post your comments & questions below the video.

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