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Is Ms. Independent Syndrome Keeping You Single?

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

So you’re independent, successful (if not in other people’s eyes - you're still pretty hard on yourself), and pretty darn smart.

You’ve read all the self-help relationship books, maybe even seen a therapist or two - so why is it that you’re still not with Mr. Right and you’re settling for Mr. Right-Now?

Maybe you’re thinking this love thing is overrated, who cares about all that romance and gushiness - I’m fine on my own...

Or maybe you’re wondering why after all the time and effort, and tears you’ve put into finding the “right one,” you just can’t seem to get this relationship thing figured out.

If you’re afraid that, deep down, there may be something wrong with you… that maybe you’re just not loveable enough or that all the ‘good ones are taken’... just know you’re not alone.

All those other relationships did was make you give up on the relationship you had with yourself. Somehow you ended up dimming your light instead of shining brighter with that special someone.

So here’s the deal – love is so utterly custom. So even though I know I can help you FINALLY overcome whatever’s blocking you from finding that one person where you feel safe to land after a hard day of working, the one person who is your biggest cheerleader and fan and allows you to be fully you, any offer I make you is probably going to be the wrong offer.

Because what’s clouding your filter around finding love is going to be different from what’s clouding someone else’s.

So let’s do something totally nuts.

Let’s talk… like human beings.

Let’s get to the bottom of what’s holding you back from finding the lover of your dreams. The one who supports your ambitions and goals. The one who claims you and tells you there is no one else. The one who is so invested, he’s willing to work through all the hurdles. The one who is a soft place to land after a hard day and never asks you to be less than who you are… yeah that one!

Let me get to know you, your challenges, where you’re going, and where I can help.

If I can help, I’ll tell you.

If I can’t, I’ll tell you.

You deserve to know the bliss of a healthy interdependent (no gross codependency here please) relationship that sets your soul and heart on fire.

Helping people overcome their blocks to love is my life’s work and although this email is probably going to turn my calendar into a logistical nightmare, I’m going to make the time to talk to people who are committed to saying NO MORE FEELING LIKE CRAP AFTER ANOTHER SHITTY BREAKUP!

If this is you, click here, and let’s talk.

One thing though – We have really limited spots and we want to serve those who are genuinely looking to bust down all the barriers that get in the way of finding an amazing relationship once and for all.

And warning: I’m NOT like other love & relationship coaches, I only work with those who are willing to take responsibility for the life they’ve created.

This means no whiners.

No victims.

No people who are always looking to blame someone else for the problems in their life. No people who are looking for a therapy session only and won’t take action.

I’m looking to help those who are done feeling like powerhouses in all these other areas of their lives but stuck in the space where it matters the most finding that amazing life partner without losing themselves in the process!

Your lover is waiting for you.

I want to make sure you’ll recognize them when you see them.

And you won’t push them away when they want to get close just because they don’t fit your script or vision board vision of WHO they should be.

And keep overworking and moving mountains in your professional life all while deeply yearning to be seen, held, and adored by the right person.

If this sounds like you, let’s jump on a call and get clear about what’s holding you back from finding this amazing partner. And see if I can help (or not).

If I can’t help, no harm, no foul. Just a friendly conversation, not some scammy high-pressure sales call.

Quick, grab a spot before my calendar fills up.

Before I go, I want to share a quick story from a similar call I did last week.

Felicia came to me totally confused at how she could be doing so well in her career as a lawyer and yet feel totally clueless when it came to choosing the right men and how to make a relationship work. She felt like a failure in this area and was starting to wonder if something might be wrong with her. After our first call, Felicia was able to identify the exact reasons why her other relationships haven’t worked in the past and she had a plan for how to start repairing those areas of her life. She said that after the call she had hope again that not only would it be possible to find the love she’s always yearned for but that she just knew it would happen soon. She finally had the edge she needed to change her destiny in this area of her life!

Talk soon!

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