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Are You Ready For The New Year?

The much anticipated year 2012 is around the corner and many people have been looking at their shadow side and all it’s “baggage” leading up to this point. The past year was a year of bringing up the old and cleansing out the “toxins” in your life; be them people, places, things, emotions or the past in order that we may more freely move into the new and higher vibration of the coming year. Now we are ready to move forward into 2012 with a lighter load.

I usually look back and reflect at this time of year on my life over the past year and beyond. This can sometimes be a bittersweet undertaking.  My reflection of this past year has been in full swing now for over a month and in that I’ve realized one crucial thing that I think is important for all of us to realize while looking back…”You’ve come a long way baby!”.

In this last year I have celebrated, grieved, released toxic people and weight, ended relationships, walked through fears, moved out, moved on, and changed so much that I don’t even recognize the “old” me anymore. In fact, I’m a whole new person!  There were struggles yes, and fears and many tears but I made it through. I was able to experience the divine in me, in the world, and in others. Now, I am forever changed.  It’s important, when looking back, that we don’t get caught up in the negative and rather give ourselves a pat on the back for what we did right. Instead of being hard on yourself for what you perceive you did wrong just forgive yourself!  Let it go, and remember that now you know more. Take the lessons you have learned to and stop repeating the past.

Strive to always be the best possible version of yourself. Let your light shine so that it may shine upon others and open your heart to those who are worthy.  Here is a little inspirational video that I found. You are part of an ever growing movement towards love and oneness. ARE YOU READY?

Love to you all,


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