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You’re Only as Sick as You Think

Healing of all manner has been my personal and professional obsession for over 25 years. As a former alternative medicine doctor, patients often came to me when they’d tried everything else and couldn’t get the answers or the relief they wanted for their physical symptoms. Although I trained in many modalities, it was my training in Homeopathic medicine that fed my previous spiritual studies around the nature of vibration, the Universe and our perceptions and reality.

Homeopathy, at its truest and deepest level, is a way to shift the body’s vibrational resonance and stimulate self-healing. To get the right prescription Homeopaths look at the person in front of them on all levels—mental, emotional and physical. We seek to understand the patient’s perception of reality and the experience of their symptoms. It’s a profound medicine that can benefit a person on all levels. However, because of our indoctrination of Western medicine and allopathy, patients still had the expectation that their superficial physical symptoms were the only problem, that somehow their body is separate from their mind. The trouble with this is that we are a whole being.

The missing piece in our efforts for true health and healing is our lack of connection or rather acknowledgment of our higher self. We see ourselves disconnected or separate from Source and we struggle with this on an unconscious and conscious level at times.

We are all pure consciousness, the “I Am” presence that is talked about in many spiritual traditions. This part of us never gets sick, never feels alone, and never doubts or has fears. As we come into the level of the physical, we become an expression of this energy as a vital life force, an animating indwelling spirit that lives within all of us.

But it doesn’t end there. We still live in this time and space and as long as we’re in this frequency, we need to take care of our vessel—our bodies.

While I believe we create our own realities, I don’t believe this is the same as saying we are to blame for our illnesses. There’s a lot of what I call “new age guilt” still flying around out there. This looks and sounds like, “oh I didn’t get that Ferrari, I must not be manifesting right,” or, “oh no I created cancer in my body, I brought this on myself.” Let’s get off this new age guilt bandwagon—we create our reality means we create based on our perception. Creating our reality means that we have the responsibility and choice in each moment as to how we will perceive our life.

Truth: At our core, we are not broken and we are not sick.

This truth does not negate our responsibility to take care of our bodies, the vehicle that houses our pure, unchangeable spirit. But think of the power we can reclaim when we acknowledge that we are not our illness, that we are not broken and that as we move toward healing, we keep in mind our essential nature of pure Light.

What if we only had one thing to work on – remembering that we are already healed at a certain level. To simplify it further, there are only two thoughts that make the body sick—dwelling in the past or having anxiety about the future. The body can appear to be sick, but will only continue to be sick if we attack it with thoughts about the past or the future. When we get back in the present moment, we have the opportunity to liberate the mind and therefore liberate the body from stress.

I invite you to try this exercise:

Watch your thoughts like a hawk for a week. Notice the amount of anxiety and worry produced by thinking about the past and the future—two places that don’t even exist. Breath and bring yourself back to the present moment and the truth bomb above: At my core, I am unbroken and healthy. This will strengthen the muscle that brings you back to the present moment with every single breath. This will naturally bring you back to the “I Am” presence, which is completely healed and perfect and the real You!

I’m not suggesting anyone go off the diets or medication or stop seeing health practitioners, but healing is not achieved by medicine, herbs or treatments alone. The deepest most lasting form of healing takes place in the mind, accessing the place where the future doesn’t matter and the past doesn’t matter. If we truly want to heal, we need to incorporate the healing of the mind.

For almost 8 years in my clinical practice, I realized that the focus on fixing the body and the symptoms created a distraction from looking deeper for the answers. We will always have something outside of us to fix or focus on until we realize that the true work is finding that place Light within.

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