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Life Changes: Follow Your Heart Song

Back in April 2011 after spending almost 4 years trying to make a very hard decision I finally had the courage to leap off the ledge… and the bridge has been appearing before me ever since.  My life has had amazing and sometimes not-so amazing twists and turns but I had a very honest and true guide with me along the way… my heart’s song.

In June of 2011, I wrote the blog post below and as I reflect back on it what I wrote holds a deeper and richer meaning for me today.  When it’s time to make a change the best thing we can do is tune in, say a prayer, take action and have faith that we’re being guided and supported along each step of the way.  The difficult part can be getting acquainted with this guide.  The sound or voice of your heart’s truest desires can be blocked by fears, beliefs or past conditioning. It takes real work and sometimes external guidance and support to finally clear the wax from your ears, so to speak.  Below is the blog post I wrote after a very pivotal and transitional time in my life.  Now looking back on it I can see how I was already starting to align myself with my truest desires and I didn’t even realize to what degree my life would change and what adventures I would go on!  This must be how Indiana Jones feels! 😉

Following Your Heart’s Song

Recently, at a networking event someone asked me, “What do you sell/do for a living?” “What service do you provide for people? ” I was about to go into my schpeel about Homeopathy, Nutrition, Allergies and Complementary Medicine, but then I stopped myself.  “That doesn’t feel right” a little voice inside me said. Instead I replied, “I help people change their lives!”  Wow where did that come from? The truth was, and is, that this is not only what my heart aligned with, but what I saw happening everyday. I felt it was time to own it.  My original motto has never changed: I seek to educate, empower, and inspire people in everything I do and say. Whether I’m one on one with them and their family or speaking to a large group at a seminar.  I try and pass along the lessons I have learned.  Recently, I helped a long time patient go through a divorce, which is a major and very painful change in someone’s life.  At the time I had just gone through my own transformation in this area it inspired me to write this blog. I hope you enjoy it and share with me your stories of change and of listening to your heart’s song!

Change can be a scary word for most people.

We like to stick to what we know and what is comfortable even though it’s sometimes that very thing that is making us miserable.  For example, you may want to change your weight and just can’t seem to take the necessary steps needed to do that.  Or you may need help transforming a pattern in the type of relationships and friendships you attract.  Some old emotional wound from childhood may be blocking you, or simply speaking sometimes it’s just too scary to change!  Who will I be if I lose this weight, leave this person or end this friendship?  Will I still want to be in this relationship if I change the way I think, act, and eat?  What if I’m honest with myself and my partner about what I REALLY want?  Will they still love me or support me?  Will people still like/love me if I change?  What will happen to my friends if I start this or that new thing?

It might feel unsafe to change a part of yourself that you’ve become so used to and unconsciously using for protection for so long.  Anger, weight, procrastination, fear, abandonment, victimization etc. On the other hand, you might be in an unfulfilled relationship that is going nowhere fast, but it’s been so long and you’re so used to each other that you stay and survive instead of THRIVE.  Every time you settle for less than what your heart is desiring you die a little inside.  Sometimes that change is obviously for the better, like leaving an abusive relationship or friendship, yet we still struggle and stall because leaving the known for what is unknown is truly terrifying.

Some people are risk takers and some like to play it safe, but one of the most important questions to ask yourself at any time when you’re stuck between that “rock and a hard place” is, “What will make my heart sing?”  This sounds like a silly question right?  But it’s not!  Have you ever had the experience of your heart singing? It could be the day your child was born, or when you stared up at the sky and saw your first shooting star or comet. What about that moment as the sun is setting on a beautiful beach with the warm wind blowing in your hair?  How about walking through a forest and catching a glimpse of a deer in the distance?  You name the moment for yourself but these are all moments when your heart is indeed singing and when your light, your inner beautiful light of who you truly are, is shining bright. It is THIS feeling that you need to hang onto when any change is afoot that may be a little scary or downright terrifying.  This feeling should be your lighthouse in the storm; it will tell you where you need to go and what you need to do.  I’m not going to lie, the fear will still be there but as you take the first step things will fall into place. You need to trust in this process and prepare yourself well.  When the fear subsides it is this heart song that will again return to confirm that you have made the right decision!

Think of the outcome. Think of all the parts of that decision, or change, that will make your heart sing!  You may not see them right away. It may take some weeding through fears and obvious logistics before  you are able to see clearly, and feel your heart song again, but when you do, hang on to it and go, go, go!!

Letting go is the hardest thing but as the title of the book I was given recently says: “Take the First Step and the Bridge Will Appear” Trust in your heart’s song. It will never lead you astray.



*originally written on June 13th 2011

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