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Why Are We Afraid of Empowerment – The Heroine’s Journey

We all say we want it. We buy self-help book after self-help book, invest in expensive personal development programs and workshops and still we seek. Then in the moment that we’re presented with an opportunity to stand in our power be that empowered person we wish to be, we panic, and we wonder if we can do it, we wonder if we’re worthy of it. Why?

We have all heard or witnessed the hero or heroine’s journey whether through films or books or perhaps even in our own lives. This journey begins with a calling, a quest and for the many women I have worked with over the years it is about feeling empowered in their own lives, in their relationships and in themselves. They crave a deeper meaning in their lives, to be a contribution and to live more fully. Often they feel a sense of helplessness and powerlessness to make the changes needed or desired and so they resign themselves to settling for what is and never dairy to ask God or the Universe for something more.

Then there is the moment, which I believe happens for all of us at some point where we do get up the courage and fire to dare to dream of something better or different, to ask for more. The very thought of this excited us and can bring us to life but what happens when that excitement is short lived. What happens when we hear the calling and then shrink away from it? Each time we say we’re going to do something and we don’t, and each time we say “one day I will” and we don’t take steps forward to make it happen, we betray ourselves and stop trusting in ourselves. Over years and repetition we lose all faith in ourselves and feel the sting of helplessness and stuckness.

As we know from fairytales and movies, many times when a hero or heroine is called to their life’s purpose by a force or forces greater than them the initial reaction of many is to say “oh no not me, I can’t do that, that’s too big for me… it can’t be done.” Why is this such an important part of this journey? Because without conquering the seeming insurmountable task in front of you, one never knows the true depth of her strength, capabilities and trust for herself. The obstacles are PART of the journey; in fact they are the very reason the dream was put in your heart in the first place!

Our own heroine’s journey does not need to be as dramatic as Moses leading his people through the desert

or Joan of Arc leading her army through battle, or Dorothy going through a tornado to a new land. Nor does it have to be starting your not for profit and achieving world peace.

It is your everyday battle to feel proud of yourself. It is the investment in your growth as a better human being that matters.

What is your personal battle? What is your heart’s desire? Maybe for you it’s shedding those last few pounds. Maybe it’s finally leaving the job you hate or the relationship that is not working anymore. Maybe it is starting a business or living a life more full of freedom and choice.

Where are you being called to be the heroine in your life? Where are you being called to accept radical responsibility for all that stands in your way? On this journey you will experience obstacles as in every great quest. Your enemies disguised as your fears will come up and try to conquer you. All the excuses as to why it can’t be done will lurk around every corner of your life and your psyche and still will you persist?

What I hear women want most is to trust themselves deeply, to know and love themselves deeply so that they can express their authentic selves in their lives, work and relationships with people they love in their community. But the very callings of their hearts that urge them on to create this in their lives, the very quest that each woman needs to go on to become the heroine of her story, of her life is often the more she denies herself out of fear or for comfort and security.

I know first hand that this is scary. My journey however seemingly misguided it has felt at times has brought me to the brink of absolute grief and despair and out again. This fall can often be a part of our journey and perhaps the one we fear the most. But as seen in the destructive forces of volcano, things need to break down before they can be built up fresh, fertile and new.

So how can you begin your journey to personal empowerment?

  1. Get Quiet: So you can hear your calling

The bygone days of the burning bush are indeed bygone and with all of our distractions these days this step is vital! It’s important that you give your higher Self room to speak to you. Take time each day, even if it’s 10mins to get very quite and INVITE in the presence of that beautiful Force that is greater than you. ASK what you need to do, focus on or how you can be of service today.

  1. Take Radical Responsibility

Understand that YOU and only you are responsible to everything in your life. The more you spend time in blaming the outside world or any forces outside of you, the more you spend time out of your personal power and remain a victim. Understand that no matter what is happening you CHOOSE how to respond to it and learn to be the guardian on the doorway of your mind. Practice mind-set training through a program, book or by hiring a Transformational Coach to assist you.

  1. Take Action

Once you do the first step repeatedly you must take action on the insight you have been given. As you do this the obstacles, usually in the form of your thinking and negative thought patterns will come up. This is where Step 2 is vital to your success. If you don’t realize that you’re the only one in the drivers seat you will let you emotions and belief systems drive your life forever. However this is the opportunity to clear away all these things. We are given a desire in our heart through the Divine so that these cobwebs and lies will and MUST come up to be healed and shed. With each action step forward and past our fears we remember who we really are… Empowered and Free!

If you would like to join the Radical Responsibility Movement for Personal Empowerment and Freedom please contact me directly for more information. You CAN do this… and you don’t need to do it alone, no heroine ever does!

Lots of love, Giovanna

Photo by: It’s All About Love Photography – Melbourne

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